The odds of success are marginal

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You guys, I was kicked off of Coffee Meets Bagel. They are also expected to be in good shape and they can cook.

That was a sweet surprise. The main pic was my Facebook profile pic, which was to be expected. Women, make no mistake and take not that chance unless you are saying yes.

Seriously, the pickins were slim. Oh mama, I wanted a slice of that pie. He even sent a cute Valentines Day Ecard again, an internet first for me. So it was true with the fireman, Adam. The pressure was on to meet- but this was the big blizzard of and it was coming in a few hours, it was already snowing heavy.

Even if some were my profile pics wayyyy back in the day, like any narcissistic millennial I have dozens of newer ones. Eventually I got tired of looking at a lame match from Brooklyn every day at noon, so I started to just ignore my daily bagels. And honestly, I respect that.

Lo and behold, I came across someone I was actually interested in. Phew, what a relief or I would have really lost out. Good for them for escorting me off the premises, because mama deserved it.

Oh wait, that happens later. Back to my maiden Hinge voyage. The odds of success are marginal. Which then made me realize that I had no idea how the app actually worked. We saw each other once, nothing happened.

Turns out Adam had been a

It became a problem for us and I began dating someone else. No wait, those are both long gone. Surprisingly, he called on his way home. So, I have Jack Daniels waiting, open the door and while he looked older than the photo- he was, and not nearly as muscular, he did have that arrogant Italian persona and was in good shape.

So enter lets call

So I figure firemen think alike and it was a safe bet for Adam. If there is enough chemistry and enough numbers the result is an explosive success.

There was a certain risk to this encounter. The chemistry was fantastic- but it was fantastic before we even met- meeting was just a mere formality. Just basking in the passion.

So, enter, lets call him fireman number two for now. Turns out Adam had been a cop before.