The Aeds are described as follows

Allods not updating

It's even more difficult to imagine an army of Aed soldiers. The Allods Team has the right to modify and supplement these rules at any time at its sole discretion without prior notice.

Engineer One of

It brings to the game a number of major innovations. Death of their brethren is a rare and shocking occurrence, given it happens very rarely.

The reduction in the duration of control effects remains unchanged. Now you can only use the Astrolabe to jump to a sector. If the first attempt did not achieve a maximum multiplier, then you can combine this map with a similar one to receive the maximum.

Engineer One of the key features of this update was the introduction of a new class to the game - the Engineer. There will be a group of new territories, the Wild Lands of Umoyr, where you will be able to acquire the necessary equipment, sometimes competing with other treasure hunters. You can speed up the process by using a Shipbuilder's Certificate.

Increased the radius of damage dealt from the cannons. He has been gaming since when his cousin showed him a copy of Dungeons and Dragons. Wild Lands Patron's favor doubles the amount of received maps and useful loot.

Using a means of transportation will no longer interrupt the process of becoming a golem. Then you must make your own way to an island. Skirmishes General It's now possible to equip tears of the dragon during combat. The entrances to the now familiar layers are closed forever.

It can be used at traders to purchase special boxes which contain enhancers for a particular piece of armour or weapons. Bugs, restrictions and foul play. Improving quests have been replaced with new ones.

There will be

While not an easy decision to make, this is necessary to ensure a better overall product. All uncompleted quests to take part in Heroic adventures can be abandoned. Finishing off the set of additions is a set of tweaks for space-farers. Now to win you must gain points.