He fought to suppress his moans

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Susan's body betrayed her as she squeezed her thighs. Jimmy was unsure what was happening or how to proceed. She sat in her car for a moment, still disbelieving what had just happened. She had put her sunglasses on again.

She sprayed on some more

Jimmy continued gazing hazily into his sister's eyes and pussy, before correcting himself. He had stroked his cock a bit, but after ten minutes of waiting, he turned on the television. As she made her way through the garage toward her office, she thought of how close she had become to her brother. As she walked through the lushly appointed corridor, she was struck with a wicked thought and ran back into her room.

Grinning, she brought her hand to his head and moved a wisp of hair from his eyes. She hadn't meant to make him feel bad and say anything, but the wine had loosened her tongue. Susan went through her nightly facial cleansing routine before changing into a light t-shirt in the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later, he was out and just finished blow-drying his hair when his sister gave a courtesy knock on their shared doors before entering. Big sister will teach you everything you need to know about fucking and pleasing a woman.

He longed to whip it out and stroke it to orgasm, but the thought only fueled his raging hormones. She never returned his calls after that. Just then, the shower stopped running, as Jimmy's eyes widened and his heart quickened.

Perhaps it was the atmosphere, and the thought that they were alone on this island of thousands of strangers. Susan smiled at his quick orgasm, as she ran her fingers through his hair, while her brother grunted before finally catching his breath. He must've thought he could be quiet enough or that she had fallen asleep, or both. Susan swam and splashed, bouncing and turning, letting the water drip from her wet body as she subconsciously put on a sexy show for her brother.

Jimmy also recalled how he had dreamt that night of making love to the beautiful actress. And Susan Watson's cunt was soaked for her brother. Susan smiled wickedly to herself in her mind's eye, as she felt her brother's cock begin to flex repeatedly, indicating he was cumming. Susan kept the conversation light as they walked back to the hotel, not wanting her brother to feel uncomfortable.

As he traveled further down toward his sister's exposed ass cheeks, he wondered momentarily whether to continue, when Susan spoke. He hadn't really realized that his sister's white bikini might be transparent when wet, but he now sat gazing at her hard, dark nipples visible through the semi-transparent, wet material. She glanced down at his crotch, noticing a slight bulge in his pants.

Jimmy wasn't sure what possessed him to do it, but he had a sudden urge to see if he could glance his sister naked. In his intoxicated state, he held his gaze longer than he would have normally, before he glanced up and met his sister's eyes. When he bent and tried to take his sister's nipple in his mouth, she pushed him back, away from her. Feeling bold after her words, he moved down to her chest and took his sister's stiff nipple between his lips and sucked. They had just finished a bottle of white wine when Susan inadvertently turned the conversation to sex.

She licked his shaft and balls

She licked his shaft and balls, while sucking on its tip, as her brother moaned. She sprayed on some more perfume and left the room. Ten minutes later and after giving the station her contact info, she pulled into the parking garage of the beverage company at which she worked as Assistant Marketing Director.

They held each other closely under the hot spray as Susan leaned up and kissed her brother, wrapping her fingers around his cock and stroking him. She knew that she would, perhaps, have to take the lead, unsure of how much her brother knew about girls, making out or even sex. She listened in awe, as she realized her brother was jacking off.