If he lived long enough, that is

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Just wait, it will eventually get smaller and come out easily. Since then Peter only wears feminine attire, makeup and perfume around the house, and lingerie under his regular clothes when he leaves the house. My black stud muffin Master should be back any time now.

Rick pulled out afterGetting undressed he

It just gets too big and will split you open if you do. Then they took another half an hour to shower together before coming out front.

Wait until I tell everyone at the firm. The change in him was remarkable, to say the least, as he had been born with the curving natural backside of a woman to start with. Now, get out your razor, and shave off all of your pubic hair. Keep it up and lick me clean all over Peter.

You could almost see the gears in her mind ticking away in calculated scorn, verging on genius, with just a touch of sheer pissed off insanity. Rick pulled out after he caught his breath, wiped the slime off of his dick on her bare butt, then took a shower and went home to his own wife leaving us alone at last. Getting undressed, he folded his clothes neatly and hung them up in the closet giving both of us plenty of time to see his equipment. His self esteem had just taken a dump, and he was expected to eat that too, if push came to shove.

It just gets too bigIt got incredibly tight once I

From that moment on Pamela became the whore you wanted her to be Peter, but she became my whore then Peter, not yours. Hey, they fucked solid for two fucking hours almost, and by then the gas station attendant arrived, and he took two hours fucking Pamela, but then of course by the time he left, Rick got there. The same goes for the rest of the artwork in my house.

Pussy tasted like a womanYou could almost see the gears

It was only his front that said male, and damn quietly at that. After all, she could just say no, and that would be the end of it.

Then they took another halfJust wait it will eventuallyMy black studSince then Peter onlyNow I on the otherNow get up and

It got incredibly tight once I passed the five inch mark, and I knew I was in virgin territory then, so I took it much easier going in from that point on. Now I on the other hand, was grinning from ear to ear without so much as showing a twitch. Pussy tasted like a woman, and that taste is only appreciated by such connoisseurs as myself who can appreciate that delicate tart, and salt tasty seafood delicacy. Now get up, and get dressed while I take a shower.

His self esteem