He answered with one simple word

That dude can still get very hard

Now after all this if you still chose to live the way you like- the way the world likes then you reject Jesus and all he did for you and you take your own salvation away. Genuine faith in Jesus Christ is what saved you. Which in large part has to do with being cleansed of our sin. His sin was not believing that he would be forgiven in full knowledge of what Christ did for him on the cross. Also the holy ghost works with a persons personality, he wont crush u if he knows that deep conviction will hurt u badly.

But recently I made someBut they madeAfter a few years of strugglingAn honest reading of historyOnly when you no longer haveNow after all this

Or does the fact that I am truly remorseful when I sin mean that I am saved. Jesus taught his disciples to confess their sins every day.

An honest reading of history makes this truth undeniable. But they made more of a mark as songwriters. But recently I made some sins, I knew it was wrong over and over. After a few years of struggling with sexual immorality, I had the desire in my heart to eventually stop with my sexual sin completely. Only when you no longer have that genuine faith in Jesus Christ are you no longer saved.

Only then can God free us from it. God loves us unconditionally because of Jesus and all your sins are paid for by his death on the cross. This means God has always and will always view you as perfect because Jesus is perfect. Getting saved or being reconciled to God happens when God imputes the righteousness of Christ unto us. Tell God exactly what you wrote us here.